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Hi everyone I am Jen, I am an Arizona native, a mom of 2 biological adult children and adoptive mom of 2 teenagers. I have been blessed most of my life to play the “stay at home” mommy role and due to that the current job market is not very forgiving of us who stayed at home to care and nurture our children. With that having been said, that is what brings us to Handmade by Jen, I decided I needed something to busy me while my teens are at school and doing their thing, and we need some extra income so I created Handmade by Jen making soy candles in my home. It has proven to be a lot of fun and very therapeutic. I never thought making candles would lead to so much for me. I love candles myself and I enjoy the beautiful aromas around my home. So many times I have purchased candles only to find the scent is gone within the first lighting, so I have been perfecting my candles to hold the scent so that each time you light your candle you can enjoy the aroma, I feel I have accomplished that with my handmade candles. I make them to order so that your candle is fresh when you receive it.

I really hope you will place an order and try out Handmade by Jen,  homemade soy candles.




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